Who We Are

KAYA is a movement. We believe in the power of civic engagement to create positive change in our community.

KAYA’s volunteers, donors, and community partners work together to build partnerships to increase Filipino American electoral representation, advocate for policies that benefit our community, and promote and develop progressive leaders to represent our community at every level of government.

KAYA is about making an impact. You can give voice to what you care about in the community. It starts by getting involved.

Our Mission

To mobilize the Filipino American community and build partnerships to increase our electoral power, advocate policies that affect our community, and develop leaders to represent us at every level of government. We come from all walks of life but we’re passionate about one thing, giving back to the community to ensure that our families and the next generation have a strong, supportive community and access to the services and opportunities to fulfill their aspirations.

Our History

KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress™ was founded in January 2009, built upon the political infrastructure that was created during the 2008 Presidential Election in support of President Barack Obama’s campaign. Inspired by President Obama’s message of hope for the future and strength in community, the individuals who contributed to mobilizing the Filipino American community in 2008 decided to seize the momentum of 2008’s historic elections to raise the community’s political voice through increased participation in all levels of government. Since then, KAYA® continues to advocate for progressive solutions to issues facing the community, mobilized the community in support of candidates who stand for progressive values, work to put more Filipino Americans in political office and inspire future generations to be the voice for our community.

Our Goals

1. Support progressive allies and public servants who represent the interests of the Filipino American community in key decision making offices. We aim to build an infrastructure of political professionals, volunteers and potential donors within the community that can be leveraged to support candidates and campaigns that affect Filipino Americans locally and across the country.

2. Build the capacity of individual Filipino American leaders through programming, leadership development, mentorship and networking opportunities. As our community’s power and influence grows, we will need more skilled and capable individuals who know best how to represent the community in all levels of decision-making. We aim to build the support structure that will nurture our community’s stable of future leaders.

3. Seek to influence policy decisions that would impact the interests of the Filipino American community by formally and informally organizing community support for key pieces of legislation, administrative decisions, on the local, state and national level. In addition, we recognize the importance of working across racial, economic, and geographic divides to enact progressive solutions to issues pertinent to all Americans. In addition to mobilizing our community for progressive change, we seek to coordinate efforts with other communities to ensure maximum impact for our work.