KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress

KAYA: Filipino Americans for Progress™ is a national, grassroots organization founded to politically empower the Filipino American community.


Build the capacity of Filipino American leaders through programming, leadership development, mentorship, and community building.


Support progressive allies and public servants who represent the interests of the Filipino American community in key decision making offices.


Influence policy decisions that would impact the Filipino American community.


Our mission is to mobilize the Filipino American community and build partnerships to increase our electoral power, advocate policies that affect our community, and develop leaders to represent us at every level of government. 

Policy Priorities

KAYA supports policies that empower the community to ensure the current and future generations have a strong, supportive community and access to the services and opportunities to fulfill their aspirations.


We advocate for fair, transparent, comprehensive, and humane immigration reform that treat people with dignity. We will continue to stand with immigrant communities and fight back against any xenophobic rhetoric that seeks to stifle the progress that we have made as a country. 


We support the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and will continue to promote access to affordable, quality and linguistically competent health care, including comprehensive reproductive, mental and behavioral health care for all Filipino Americans.


While we are appreciative of President Obama’s executive actions on the implementation of a Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program, we believe that more must be done. We will continue to fight to ensure that all Filipino World War II Veterans and their families receive the benefits promised to them decades ago.


All children and families should have access to a high quality education, from cradle to career. We will do this by supporting polcies that increase federal student aid for higher education, undocumented student access to education, and key issues such as affirmative action.


Filipino Americans have had a profound effect on the labor movement. In this current national and political climate where immigrant rights are being attacked and quickly eroded, domestic workers are pushed even more into vulnerable and exploitative working situations. We will continue the fight by supporting partnering with organizations that promote education on workers’ rights.


From access to high quality data to the ballot box, we believe all people regardless of language, national origin, race, gender, and class should have equal access to pursuing the American dream. 

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