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There are lots of ways you can support KAYA® financially such as donating funds, buying KAYA® stuff, attending KAYA® fundraisers and events.

The easiest way to donate directly to the organization is to donate through KAYA®’s secure Paypal page.


Because our community matters.

Running a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization is never easy, but we don’t think twice about the late nights, packed meeting agendas, and sprinting toward deadlines. We know it’s worth it because we are committed to achieving greater Filipino American representation in government, strengthening civic engagement and developing leaders within our community. And the best thing about that is…we are getting things done and we are being heard.

We need your support.

But we couldn’t have done it without you. When you provided financial support to print flyers, host our website or e-newsletter, produce collateral and rent event spaces for leadership training workshops or field organizing….you help achieve many things that have helped our community. You’ve helped us (just to name a few):

  • Reached out to 24,156 voters in the 2008 Election.
  • Organized a National Day of Service event benefiting current soldiers and Filipino American veterans.
  • Partnered with the U.S. Census Bureau to launch a campaign to help ensure our community is counted. Check out our site at!
  • Successfully organized votes and support for five KAYA® members to win positions on the California Democratic Party Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus and Filipino American Democratic Caucus.
  • Generated letters to Congress advocating for the Reuniting Families Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), benefiting World War II (WWII) Philippine veterans.
  • Collaborate with community partners like Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP) and help organize and participated in a national conference call with Konrad Ng and other high-profile Asian Americans in the Obama Administration.
  • Launched our second KAYA® Summer Internship Program to engage Washington, DC interns, and professional and elected officials on issues critical to the concerns of the Filipino American community through a series of sessions and workshops.
  • Urged KAYA® members to contact Congress and help pass a bill to recognize October as Filipino American Heritage Month.
  • Mobilized volunteers endorsed electoral candidates to successfully win positions at the local and state level.

Buy Cool KAYA® Stuff

Sport cool KAYA gear in your community. (or, purchase a gift for a friend!). Proceeds go directly to KAYA®.

Donate Time

Our kind of work takes creativity, coordination, tech savvy, and enthusiasm for making a difference.  With a 100% volunteer organization like KAYA®, that can be a lot of boots on the ground.

We work hard, but we’re smart, organized, and committed.  We do it because it’s fun and rewarding. We do it because it means something to us and there’s a need in the community. Click here to join us.

Will YOU join the movement?

Get training from community leaders and an insider’s view (and experience!) of grassroots community organizing. Whatever your interest—policy, communications, field, nonprofit development—we could use your smarts.

Contact the National KAYA® Leadership team or a local chapter to find out how you can be a part of KAYA®’s mission.

Join our Leadership Team or sign up to volunteer.

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